So who are we? Well, we like to think of ourselves as ‘no-such-thing-as-can’t’ SELLBER is a Sourcing Team or The ‘wow, where-did-you-find-that?’ SELLBER. Why? Because behind our name lies an enthusiastic can-do attitude that means for the last several years we have been designing, sourcing and supplying creative and highly effective premium, fashion merchandise products.

Established in 2010 with a blend of procurement and marketing experience, we have an enthusiastic “can-do” attitude to product solutions. We are committed to our core values in Ethics, product compliance and sustainability. Providing your entire product needs, from the everyday fashion products – to totally unique designs. We are working with major global corporate clients and some of the most exciting consumer brands.

We are qualified in supply chain management and have expertise in managing reputational risk.  
So if you are looking for fashion products and excellence from a partner of fashion products – then look no further!